Zhaoyuan Gu

Ph.D. student, Robotics, Georgia Tech
M.S., MechE, Carnegie Mellon
B.Eng., MechE, Tsinghua



I am a Ph.D. student in the LIDAR group, Georgia Institute of Technology.
My interest lies in plannning and control methods for humanoid robots.
Here's my Resume.

Research Experience

Dyanmic control of wheel based humanoid robot

Monkey robot continuous brachiation

Hexapod Robot Wave Gait on Stairs

UR5 Path Search and Obstacle Avoidance[code]

Reinforcement Learning:
Robust Adversary A3C

Humanoid Robot Bipedal Locomotion Control

Independent Projects

Roboseum - Open Source Robot Collection

Fusion CAM Challenge

Drake tutorial (Drake concepts and C++ examples)

Last Updated on 08/12/2023.